Great list of lifestyle trend indicators

Posted on: May 2, 2006

I’ve collected an extensive list of trend indicator. They shows what is hot on media, shopping trends, tendencies on lifestyle and changes on digital lifestyle. The list is helpful especially for agencies, brand planner, trendsetters, coolhunters and anybody like to see what’s hot. The list is most helpful when you share it with your workers, friends and colleagues and discuss meaning of indicators

1. Digital Trends

Google Zeitgeist
: It is a search statistics are automatically generated based on the millions of searches conducted on Google. They classified list by time, by subjects and by locations.

Yahoo Buzz: Statistics based on Yahoo searches. You can track most populer films, actors, video games, music based on Yahoo search engine.

MSN search insider
: Top searches on MSN

GameSpy: Most populer online games. Site offers top online games list and their number of players

2. Media

PeerMind: Peer2Peer sharing is reality is today’s world. Everyday, millions of songs are being downloaded by user. This site tracks peer2peer trends where billboard or itunes list could not cover.

BlogPulse Top News Source: Which news source is most influential on blogs and on people. blogPulse also offers most blogged people, top blog posts and top news on blogs.

itunes top songs: itunes is world’s largest digital music store. In their site they shows top seller songs accurately

EW TV Charts
: Ratings of American TV networks

Billboard Top100: pop100 list of Billboard magazine charts are based on how many people listened to something in a given week.

EW Box office: Box Office Chart

3. Shopping trends

Ebay Pulse : Shows most populer searches on ebay. It is good indicator of which products and which brands do people willing to buy.

Amazon top seller: Amazon top seller lists are early indicator for offline stores. Amazon offers this list for facilitating people’s choice but we can use it for track shopping trends

Amazon Most wished items: You can view most wished items into different categories such as electronic, music, books, toys… Great and free list for predicting future sales.

Amazon most gifted items: Most gifted items on Amazon.

4. Lifestyle

43things Zeitgeist: 43things is a social website where people share their goals. Tracking people’s goals and their desire is always good indicator of cultural tendencies. 43things offers to see most populer goals and most populer goals based on places.

JobTrends: Indeed gathers over 35 million jobs from thousands of websites. They are allowing anyone to search this archive in order to plot job trends over time. They also offers job posting based capital statistics

to be continued…


12 Responses to "Great list of lifestyle trend indicators"

Wow! That’s great! Thanks soooo much. You’ve just given direction to someone building a website (!

So consider yourself an official advertising community builder! ^^


Thanks so much milo

[…] Dijital trendler neler, medya tüketim alışkanlıkları nasıl değişiyor, yaşamtarzı trendleri ve alışveriş trendleri ilk elden takip etmek için internet büyük fırsatlar sunuyor. Çeşitli sitelerde çok satanlar listesi, zeitgeist, top list…gibi isimlerle geçen dataları bir liste altında topladım. Bu liste marka yöneticileri, ajanslar, trendleri takipçilerinin yeni fikirler avlama işi için faydalı bir hale geldi. Datalar tek başına trendlerin nabzını tutmanız için değerli, ancak bu dataları takımınızla ve arkadaşlarınızla incelerseniz içinde derin fikirler, fırsatlar ve yeni iş fırsatları bulabilirsiniz. Listeye buradan ulaşın. […]

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I often wondered how this all worked but I guess I will never know.

This is great, bookmarked, thanks!

[…] that’s an excellent question and Ozgur Alaz answers it brilliantly on his blog post on tracking the pulse of the internet. Now the way I see it you are plum out of excuses, so get out there and get Smooes’ed…I […]

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