Everyday Fabulous with IKEA

Posted on: May 23, 2006

Ikea New York hosts a fabolous exhibition named “Everyday Fabulous Exhibit” They invite people to come and see how good design can transform the most ordinary day into something spectacular. More interestingly, their design team transformed NYC locations with ikea. Great guerilla and great experience for people. (other pictures)





6 Responses to "Everyday Fabulous with IKEA"

hy, good job, great mkg recopilation. thank for the info about ikea in europe, i only have some pics of the usa and japan actions.

u are linked.

kind regards.

Hola hi there. No better tthan Erikrea to buy Ikea! In Eritrea, well then, wi leave fo r them! eradm@pirCHer-spa.COM

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