Carnival Of Marketing

Posted on: June 17, 2006

This week i am hosting Carnival of marketing. It was very nice experience for me to discover great blogs and meet different views to marketing. This week, carnival hosts 13 great article. I hope you all enjoy carnival.

Marketing 2.0

James Brausch explains fundamentals of successful online business, emphasize user generated content and propose three methods that soar traffic.

Harish Keshwani gives great insights on how direct marketers are using blogs to promote their products

John Moore shares Fiskateers Brand Ambassador program as a customer evangelism case study-in-the-making

Rohit Bhargava, attends vloggercon this week. In this post he shares lessons from Vloggercon 2006

Rohit Bhargava see such a huge opportunity to product placement in clickable videos.

Marketing Strategy

Pamela Slim has a great post about choosing brand names. In this post she mention about process of naming and recommendation for choosing a name.

Noah Kagan has an unusual marketing tip “If you ever want to get easy exposure for your product, service or website. Start a rivalry.”

Nedra Weinreich has a great post with examples tells importance of story telling for marketing and for raising awareness and for making a connection

MLMForums has a great story on how to earn money from FIFA World Cup. I'll try it :)


Spike Jones express differences between campaigns and movements very wisely. I impressed it, must read post

Jim Logan suggest marketers to start at the end and work themselves back to the beginning

Cehvediel discuss about differences between marketing to men and marketing to women

Friends are key to successful life. Mike Sigers offers one week plan to attract more friends. Worth trying :)


One more great podcast from Eric Mattson with Craig Goodwill of Culture Creatives and Company


Coolz0r, mention about Bacardi’s guerilla ad, promoting limbo night at a bus stop.

Special thanks to all participant blog. Next week it will be at The Fast Growth Blog


18 Responses to "Carnival Of Marketing"

Carnival Of Marketing

This week carnival of marketing is hosted by Marketallica. At carnival there are 13 great article on marketing strategy, online marketing and marketing 2.0.

Great stuff! You’ve done a nice compilation job. I’m looking forward to the next installment at Fast Growth.

Thanks for including my post! Nice job this week.

[…] There are a total of 13 articles and during the day I will take a look at all of them, be sure to visit carnival of marketing hosted by Marketallica. marketing» Resources» […]

Thanks for the mention Ozgur ! I’ll post a link to your carnival today :)

[…] This week’s Carnival Of Marketing is hosted at Marketallica and Ozgur Alaz takes you with him on a multi-marketing experience. In five categories (Marketing 2.0, Marketing Strategy, Insights , Podcasts & Advertising) Ozgur lines up some really cool links about a variety of topics. Be sure to drop by and explore these stories ! […]

Great selection of articles. I didn’t expect to find anything interesting, but I did and was pleasantly surprised.

Thanks so much

I appreciate your linking to my post !

Thanks for a great Carnival. Well done.

[…] Quick Marketing Tip: Duel (Via the Carnival Of Marketing at Marketallica, linked to by Coolz0r) permalink| […]

[…] Quick Marketing Tip: Duel (Via the Carnival Of Marketing at Marketallica, linked to by Coolz0r) permalink| […]

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[…] Marketallica » Blog Archive » Carnival Of Marketing […]

[…] If you want to get a feel for their posts, check out the Carnival of Marketing. I’ve already added their blog to my reading space and maybe you’ll find it as interesting as I do. Check out their blog – Marketallica, here. […]

Hi Ozgur,

I’m glad I stumbled upon your blog through WordPress. This post in particular encapsulates why marketers should read your blog.

I’m a part of a Viral Community of Marketing Bloggers in the USA and will continue evangelizing your blog among my counterparts.

Way to go!
Marketing Nirvana


Thanks so much mario

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