Carnival 2.0

Posted on: June 18, 2006

This week i hosted carnival of marketing as you see, carnival post below. Carnivals are great tool to combine best post, to be part of global community, to increase traffic…

In today's fast changing world, ever tool we use needs to be renovating. Since, carnival idea appeared, many things on the web have changed. For example, social web (digg, delicious…) is the new source of buzz. Appearing on social web for blogs is important as appearing in other blogs.


I am trying to clear carnival 2.0 idea. One of my idea is to combine carnival with social web. Here how it works. Carnival hoster submits post with common tags to social websites. Carnival participants and readers vote, bookmark posts on social websites. So, it increases presence on social web site, encourage readers participation and drive more traffic.This week, i tried this idea on I submit stories and tag them as carnival. Here how it seems

Any more ideas on carnival 2.0?


2 Responses to "Carnival 2.0"

It is a great idea Ozgur. I am all for it. We need more thinktanks like you.

yes, open the spanish version of it….. lol

great job,

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