Collection of JWT/Chico videos

Posted on: July 2, 2006

Jwt Chico created excellent clips of best examples of marketing and advertising. They are full of inspiration. A must seen clips for every marketers. Please tell our friends about these awesome works.

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Excellent clips of great creative works

Jwt Chico created excellent clips of of great (marketing, advertising and design)creative works . They are full of inspiration. A must seen clips for every marketers, advertisers and creative people.

[…] Marketallica präsentiert die schönsten Ideen für ausgefallene Outdoor-Kampagnen zusammengefasst in mehreren Clips. […]

CHUCO / JWT Cool Hunting Community…

Marketallica propose les dernieres videos de CHUCO, realisees par Nicola Gorini, directeur marketing gerant CHUCO, une cellule d’inspiration au sein du groupe JWT….

many of the ads and ideas featured have been in Communication Arts Magazine, it seems almost like they went through and scanned parts of the magazine and put it all together in a movie..

the field of the coolhunting community is both desk and ethnographic (cool hunting) so yes…sometimes we scanne ideras from the world and sometimes from the press

we share it with the world to inspire new and different approaches to marketing, feel free to njoin us at

enjoy what we share,

share what you enjoy!


great videos and great sounds!

Hey checkout my about Blog-Archiv

nice videos… i am surprised that they are actualy online even now

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