Threadlesswatch: A marketing blog feeding from Threadless

Posted on: July 2, 2006

I start a new T-shirts blog named Threadlesswatch. It’s about Threadless and its great designs. Nowadays, it is shaping more likely to be a marketing blog feeding from Threadless. Because, i find many inspiration there. Here are some marketing related posts from threadlesswatch

Threadless will be new ipod: Threadless’ only customer will not only be individual customers. Brands also will be important customers of Threadless. I think they will discover Threadless and its impact on youth culture and will try to benefit it at their marketing campaigns.

Song of the tshirt: Bob Nanna is writing short short songs for the new t-shirts on Threadless. And they call it a “song about this tee by Bob Danna”. People can listen the short song or download it, while they are surfing. Songs are great tool to connect emotionally.

Unboxing Threadless: At unboxing experience, Threadless provide people with gift cards, thank you notes and stickers. I am sure this tools trigger people to spread Threadless. My advice to other (boring) brands that give some shareable things in your package.

What do you think about Threadless?


4 Responses to "Threadlesswatch: A marketing blog feeding from Threadless"

It is definitely doing cool stuff with tshirts– has become cultlike I think. but needs to reinvent itself continously to keep the energy fresh. the blog is a great idea. they should provide a link to this blog on their website!

hey ozgur, check out my tshirt blog at

Some other companies to watch in the space are and , those are much more artists co-operatives.



Nice stuff but are you sure you aren’t doing it for the affiliate scheme?

Just found your blog today. Really like it – keep up the good work. But hey anything else on this topic you want to share?

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