Vodafone Guerilla: Desk Car in London traffic

Posted on: July 6, 2006

Vodafone 3G services offer new level of mobile working experience.  To promote their 3G services Vodafone have used these interesting desk cars. This car traveled around London traffic to show Londoners 3G experience in a very surprising way. (spotted by Flickr user Mardagg)





10 Responses to "Vodafone Guerilla: Desk Car in London traffic"

Vodafone Guerilla: Desk Car in London traffic

This car roamed around London traffic to show Londoners 3G experience in a very surprising way.

That must have driven past my office – and I missed it! Darn!

Nice blog – picked it up via your post on BMA

Thanks for your nice comment :)

great stuff, very much like the campaign here::

Does anybody know which agency did this campaign? I saw it, it was soooo cool.


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Guerrilla marketing soared to new heights with this impressive IDEA from Vodaphone. What a display of product. A great lesson for the small home based business entrepreneur I’d say!

Geoff Dodd
Western Australia

That is beautiful! great idea, no one will forget that

i am jignesh patel i am working with vodafone mini store i am very happy in vodafonei in billimora

when will we see something like this in our country :))))

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