Shopping 2.0 experience with Jellyfish

Posted on: July 8, 2006


Jellyfish is a new kind of shopping search engine. Consumers use Jellyfish like they would any comparison shopping engine to easily search, compare, and select the right product from a trusted online store. But Jellyfish’s difference from other shopping search engines is that consumers earn automatic cash-back savings on their purchases because Jellyfish shares back at least half of the advertising revenue generated from each sale.

And the Jellyfish marketplace maximizes those savings, because retailers compete to get to the top of the search rankings by increasing the amount of cash back provided to end consumers. This creates a competitive buying environment where consumers search and merchants bid with their ad dollars to lower end prices.

Great things are happening there, some screenshots are below. I’d recommend you to sign up to Jellyfish to experience  consumer empowerment, transparancy of markets, and shopping 2.0 at first hand.





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[…] consumers generate through their shopping activity to create lower prices on everything they buy. Tank, Moon Jellies, Kreisel Aquarium Design, New Marine …Jellifish aquarium, stand, […]

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