Posted on: July 11, 2006

Artvertising in sandberg institute

Upon the success of milliondolarhomepage, we’ve seen millions of copies online. Now, what we have got here is something different. Sandberg institute is selling their building facade with the same pixel based concept! They said this is a new concept that sets itself on the borders between commercial art and critical art, private business and public space. A different approach for sure!

This is a very good example which I told at my workshops; Internet 1.0 was empowered by media and advertising community, now with internet 2.0 – where users are king and the user generated content is the new black ! – Internet is paying his debt back, empowering every aspects of media. Digital concepts are becoming more and more part of our daily lives.

If you have more of those kind of examples, please share with us!


11 Responses to "Artvertising!"

Some examples moreover…
MillionDollarPodcastLive(, The 1000-Word Page (

Thank you José, but I am looking for more Online to Offline examples, not just million dolar concepts. The exciting part of artvertising is taking an online marketing idea and putting right into our daily lives. That’s what I am looking for :)

“1000 a bord”… it’s a online/offline concept (

Wow, that is incredible, is it real? When I first saw the million dollar home page, I thought who would pay for that? How wrong was I lol.

There are hundreds of similar sites now and I even looked into having a similar script developed.

Wonder how many building we see springing up with the same concept lol

Interesting twist on marketing. (It beats the guy who rented his forehead for advertising.)

In the future commercials will be only on user monitirs

[…] of thing. Still, there’s definitely more money to be made here, even if it is for art. | Via Marketallica | SHARETHIS.addEntry({ title: "Artvertising: Million Dollar Homepage Goes Offline?", url: […]

the idea is shitty, c’mon .. you have to stay 2 days to watch all those commercials.. its not profitable

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