Experiences via Sparking Conversation

Posted on: July 14, 2006

Table topics (via thecoolhunter) is a kind of like a board game – the box features a series of cards with thought provoking questions about everything from money to marriage that are meant to spark a conversation. It seem a big rescuer when there is nothing to talk. And i believe it can be used to improve customer experience where conversation is big part of experience.


Think about cafes, coffee or travel business for example. How do you assess the coffee you drink in a cafe? Researchs show that the coffee you drink with friends you love tastes better than the coffee you drink with people you don’t meet. But, the coffee is the same. But conversation made your experience better. Table topics or other forms of it would great benefit on consumer experiences.

By the way, dont forget the online experiences. How can we spark conversation on online world? For example, Every Monday, Consumating (online network) is asking a sparking question.


3 Responses to "Experiences via Sparking Conversation"

Yes, i think is a really good idea

Those look cool

Wasn’t this is a gag in ‘Monty Python’s Meaning of Life’?

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