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Google Earth is gaining momentum for reaching customer. They are several ways to use Google Earth. At first level, do some roof advertising. Some companies gain alot buzz at roof advertising. Look at (link) how maxim celebrate its 100. issue, or target's roof ads.

At second level, try to produce some content within Google Earth. There are lots of potential between google eath and brand. For some inspiration, T+L magazine, they list best 500 hotels in Google Earth. We'd expect lots of branded content on googleEarth; such as, BritishAirways create mash-up on best places to travel, Bridgestone create F1 roadmap…

On the highest level, use google earth as a a promotional tool. You may hideyour brand in it, you may make a quiz based on Google. Some innovation companies (Fiat and Adidas) has used it, now Mazda has been added to this trend.Mazda USA has unveiled an interactive promotional campaign on Google Earth which will run from May 29 to June 27.Consumers will be solicited to "Search for the SUV they never saw coming," by obtaining clues hidden within short video clips on Mazda's website. Each time they find an icon, users improve their chances of winning a new car. As they move through the game, the clues get progressively harder



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