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I am big fan of Digg. With nearly half a million members Digg is the biggest technology related community. It is great example for future of media and community management.

Last month i started to submit news to Digg. My aim was to climb top100 digg user, because i believe being top Digg user is (will be) very valuable achievement. Within a month i climbed to 73. of all Digg user. In this article i want to share my top 10 tips(rules) that make me one of the top digg users.


1. Recognize Big Stories: This rules seem to be obvious, but there is (usually) a recipe for big stories. For example, a story that contains, How-to, Tutorial, Reference or Top10 tag have more chance to get front page story. Also, a story about Digg itself, Google or Apple is always popularized by users

Tip: Prefer to submit, how-to, reference, DIY, Top10 style stories

2. Track Pulse of Internet: To submit more and more big stories, you should have known “What’s populer right now”. My major resources for finding big stories are Delicious Populer, and Reddit. I track populer stories constantly at these sites. The populer stories which already bookmarked by dozens of people have big chance to get frontpage story on Digg, too.

Tip: Track pulse of internet on delicious and reddit. And your own resources of cource (techmeme, netscape, micropersuasion, techcrunch)

3. Interesting Headlines: Some words like Awesome,Great, The only, Finally and Free are usually attracting more diggs than unexciting headlines. Create excitement with your headlines.

Tip: For writing great headlines you should read this and this

4. Humanized Story Description: Diggers usually prefer to quote from the original story. If quotation is exciting there is no problem, but usually there are better options. My advise is some add some human touch to your stories.

Tip: Look up Delicious URL on how people bookmarked your story. You’ll find some inspirational quotes to write exciting description for your stories.

5. Trackback Your Submission: This is not applied by most of digg users. But it can be so powerful. If your story is taken from a blog, i recommend you to add a comment to the story. In comment you can say “I like the story and i submit it to the digg. You and readers please add your diggs to get it frontpage the story…”

Tip: Add comment to the original story to inform readers digg submission.

6. Comment First: Comments added your story are important as the number of diggs your story have. Because diggspy get the latest dugg stories and the latest comment. If your stories have more comment, your stories take more impression and the possibility to get front page increases.

Tip: Try to be the first commenter for your stories. Write comments that spark debates and further conversations. Or ask a question about the story

7. Timing: Timing is so important. Diggtrends have a great research about timing. They conclude that the best time submiting story is 9:00 EST because many office goers start digging as soon as they step in office. My experience confirm this. The stories i submit at night (at noon in istanbul) had less diggs than usual.

Tip: Prefer after 09:00 EST for sumiting stories

8. Make Friends: Digg is not %100 rational of course. People are more likely to dugg stories submited by their friends.

Tip: Make friends. Make generous friends. If you look at Top user screen and sort them by dugg stories you see that some of diggers dugg more than 10000 story. Add them as a friend. They are more likely to add their diggs to your stories

9. Digg Your Friends News: Rules of reciprocation is true for digg community, too. If you dugg your friends’ stories they respond positively and they start to dugg your stories, too.

Tip: Trust your friends and dugg their news.

10. Finally, Enjoy: Enjoy being part of world’s best community. Proud yourself to lead internet traffic

Tip: If you like this story please add your diggs to get it to frontpage. Thanks :)

These were my Top10 tips, what are your tips to become successful Digger?


Hayatımızın birçok alanında zihinlerimizde sorular var. Kredi hesaplama,sağlık hesaplamatrafik cezası hesaplamavergi hesaplama vb.

Tüm bu hesaplama sorularının cevabı için sitesini geliştirdik.

İşinize yarayacak diğer konular, kalori hesaplamaTwitter değeri hesaplama ve sınav puanı hesaplama


Click for bigger version

Click for bigger version
We were talking about the Future of Entertainment with Ozgur and then we started a mindmap. After sending each other a few times, I decided to draw it in Mindjet’s Mindmanager tool. Here is the result, there are questions, metaphors, and subjects to be discussed. How will Digital Media effect the future of Entertainment? To what extent games will be part of our daily life? What will become of Tv? And so many other questions to be answered together…

This is 11 forces that will change the Future of Entertainment ;

> “Virtual Self”

> “Centralisation”

> “Need to be different”

> “Mixing”

> “Co-Create!”

> “Snack Size”

> “Networking”

> “Interactivity”

> “On demand”

> “Long Tail”

> “Peer 2 Peer”

> “Information Overload”

I’m putting the mindmap file also, so you can edit and then post it. I will update the screenshot.

Lets talk about it and tell me your 11 forces !

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I am a keen user of delicious. Everyday, i discover lots of same-mind people and lots of inspiring links there. I can not discover same things at anywhere else. Delicious has a network function, too. By adding people you like to your network, find out their newest bookmark constantly. For example, my bookmarks are usually on marketing topics. Add me to your delicious network to subscribe my bookmarks.

The only disadvantage of delicious network is its one side structure. There is no way to connect people you like on delicious. But, there is lot of people i want to thank or i want to just say hi. I found a small delicious hack to send messages people you want to connect. My first delicious message is to my biggest inspiration, Steve Rubel. Let’s start How-Tos.

1. Find Delicious ID of people you want to send message via delicious. And add them to your network

steve rubel

2. Write your message at, them create your messages URL


3. Finally, bookmark this page on delicious and add tag of “for:DeliciousID”. On this example my tag is for:steverubel


Are not there any alternative way to send messages to Steve. If we know his mail address, of course there are. But, even we know his mail address, message is medium’s itself, is not it? I am sure a new and innovative messaging medium is much more effective then usual ways.

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As most of you may know, is one the most successful & most growing online news blog ( can I call it that way , I guess so ) which has many loyal audience. From Saturday, June 17 – Saturday, June 24, Huffingtonpost and JWT partnered to present “creative video ads” which can be easily forwarded via e-mail, links and IM. This partnership was entitled as “social advertising” and can be viewed from here

During that period JWT has bought all the ad spaces at the main page of Huffingtonpost in order to strengthen the concept. Also they use Vidavee’s technology to deliver the videos and the tracking. Chosen videos are selected by their “viral potential” and “humour effect” . This is a bold move for a agency that is 142 years old because instead of forcing users to watch or forward their advertising, they let them “choose to watch and forward”. So, if those ads has viral effect, this test will bring good metrics and return from users. If not, will they still going to share with us the results ?

Another interesting move from JWT with Huffingtonpost is, a panel discussion with Martin Sheen, Michael Patrick King, and Arianna Huffington; led by Craig Davis was held at Cannes Advertising festival with the title “From the makers of Pop Culture” which can be viewed as complete edition from here

They talked about finding new ways for resonating with customers and also looked for answers to this questions;

“What can the advertising industry learn from TV shows like these?”
“How did these shows manage to stay creative, fresh, and edgy?”
“How can advertisers be as compelling and achieve the same reach?”

It’s a long video, but it’s worth it , please do watch.

Advertising agencies already aware of the power of online marketing, now they began to realize the power of “online people” and their social environment. The phrase “social networking” becoming more and more a business term for those who wants to get user’s attention. The perception of consumer is beginning to evolve with internet 2.0 and I believe that we are going to see more of this kind of experiments from big advertising agencies. They are a little bit “late” with the discovery of blogs and social networking, but hey, its better then “never”. With their power, there are millions of possibilities that can change the “user experience” to “social experience”.

What is your opinons ?

We Feel Fine

We were talking about user generated content, didnt we ? Lets go on then! Think about a pool where all the feelings of the users gathered, categorized by emotion,country,gender and age. Imagine, this pool is working constantly, gathering every emotions on the world wide web… Now, you understand the main idea behind the "We Feel Fine" system. According to them, they are gathering 20,000 emotions every day. Using the interface you can create demographic slices with different variables, searching through the database.

What interests me most in this project is, using the already created content, they designed a totally new perspective; from asking simple questions like "what is the feelings of regular user changes? "to more detailed and important questions like "how people reacted the recent events in Israel ?", we feel fine system captures the essence of human society and transforms it to a new tool telling story from internet.

You can check the team's findings here

Of course, I immediately started thinking "How can I interprete this interface to use as a marketing tool? " … Imagine that, you can ask questions like " How people feel about my brand? " or "What is the last year's emotions about March?" then you will have useful data that can be interpreted to marketing use.

Let's talk about this new interface …

Link : We Feel Fine Website

During the last years, we have seen the raise of " user generated content" . More & more, we see projects like ; flickr,blogspot,43things, etc. Most of the marketing guru tells us that the best seller is the buyer itself, so when we think about "user generated content" as a marketing tool, we can come up with some good ideas. Let's check one of the examples;

Lets take a look at "43things", which has google adwords segmented for content as a start. I am sure that they are going to insert different marketing schemes into 43things ( which is already linked with 43places, lists of bests and all consuming, creating a whole experience…)

So what is 43things?

Users enter what they want to do in their life or where they want to go, and people comments those "tags" saying "worth it" or "not worth it". Simple isnt it ? That's the point, actually. So, lets look at the stats ; "362,660 people in 6,559 cities are doing 456,069 things…". over 500,000 entry, which can be used as an advertising tool.

So, let's check one of those ; "Visit Egypt" ( 264 people tagged this entry ). Visit Egypt page has google adwords for start, and user comments telling that you should go and check out the mysterious egypt! Personally , I am ready to be persuaded by a person who is already been at Egypt and who can point me some directions ( you should see that place , you can stay at … hotel , etc. ) how I can spend a good holiday there. "Users promoting places for users" which is not a original idea, but execution is very good at 43things, because the content is vary. You can learn that if its "easy to learn spanish", or "should you go to Bali or Phuket? " and many more. Because the content is segmented, the ads are "targeted". So if you are travel agency, you can put your ads on 43things, knowing that you will have direct connection with your future clients.

What if you use the same idea with a little twist ? Lets think about website where there are lots of items ( items can be objects or for example a travel to spain ) and the more they're requested by the users the cheaper they get. So, if you have a 100 ready customer who wants travel to Spain for a weekend, you can arrange a tour with speacial prices. Or 300 people wants to buy iPod Nano 2GB, so they get %10 sale!

Lets think about it, I am curious about your ideas too…

I found an excellent video records of AAAA Management Conference for agency CEO's. Watch out, you'll found great inspiration of future of marketing. Watch here


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