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marcomtürkiye, which takes its name from the term marketing communications,
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We, as art directors, copy writers, strategic planners, marketing
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Our aim is: to share our observations in each of the major marketing
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to offer an interactive platform for Turkish creatives, regardless of their
age, location and profession and present their published creative works to
the outside boundaries of Türkiye.

We wish you will enjoy hearing from Türkiye and share your ideas with us.

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Table topics (via thecoolhunter) is a kind of like a board game – the box features a series of cards with thought provoking questions about everything from money to marriage that are meant to spark a conversation. It seem a big rescuer when there is nothing to talk. And i believe it can be used to improve customer experience where conversation is big part of experience.


Think about cafes, coffee or travel business for example. How do you assess the coffee you drink in a cafe? Researchs show that the coffee you drink with friends you love tastes better than the coffee you drink with people you don’t meet. But, the coffee is the same. But conversation made your experience better. Table topics or other forms of it would great benefit on consumer experiences.

By the way, dont forget the online experiences. How can we spark conversation on online world? For example, Every Monday, Consumating (online network) is asking a sparking question.

Artvertising in sandberg institute

Upon the success of milliondolarhomepage, we’ve seen millions of copies online. Now, what we have got here is something different. Sandberg institute is selling their building facade with the same pixel based concept! They said this is a new concept that sets itself on the borders between commercial art and critical art, private business and public space. A different approach for sure!

This is a very good example which I told at my workshops; Internet 1.0 was empowered by media and advertising community, now with internet 2.0 – where users are king and the user generated content is the new black ! – Internet is paying his debt back, empowering every aspects of media. Digital concepts are becoming more and more part of our daily lives.

If you have more of those kind of examples, please share with us!

This week i hosted carnival of marketing as you see, carnival post below. Carnivals are great tool to combine best post, to be part of global community, to increase traffic…

In today's fast changing world, ever tool we use needs to be renovating. Since, carnival idea appeared, many things on the web have changed. For example, social web (digg, delicious…) is the new source of buzz. Appearing on social web for blogs is important as appearing in other blogs.


I am trying to clear carnival 2.0 idea. One of my idea is to combine carnival with social web. Here how it works. Carnival hoster submits post with common tags to social websites. Carnival participants and readers vote, bookmark posts on social websites. So, it increases presence on social web site, encourage readers participation and drive more traffic.This week, i tried this idea on I submit stories and tag them as carnival. Here how it seems

Any more ideas on carnival 2.0?

We Feel Fine

We were talking about user generated content, didnt we ? Lets go on then! Think about a pool where all the feelings of the users gathered, categorized by emotion,country,gender and age. Imagine, this pool is working constantly, gathering every emotions on the world wide web… Now, you understand the main idea behind the "We Feel Fine" system. According to them, they are gathering 20,000 emotions every day. Using the interface you can create demographic slices with different variables, searching through the database.

What interests me most in this project is, using the already created content, they designed a totally new perspective; from asking simple questions like "what is the feelings of regular user changes? "to more detailed and important questions like "how people reacted the recent events in Israel ?", we feel fine system captures the essence of human society and transforms it to a new tool telling story from internet.

You can check the team's findings here

Of course, I immediately started thinking "How can I interprete this interface to use as a marketing tool? " … Imagine that, you can ask questions like " How people feel about my brand? " or "What is the last year's emotions about March?" then you will have useful data that can be interpreted to marketing use.

Let's talk about this new interface …

Link : We Feel Fine Website

During the last years, we have seen the raise of " user generated content" . More & more, we see projects like ; flickr,blogspot,43things, etc. Most of the marketing guru tells us that the best seller is the buyer itself, so when we think about "user generated content" as a marketing tool, we can come up with some good ideas. Let's check one of the examples;

Lets take a look at "43things", which has google adwords segmented for content as a start. I am sure that they are going to insert different marketing schemes into 43things ( which is already linked with 43places, lists of bests and all consuming, creating a whole experience…)

So what is 43things?

Users enter what they want to do in their life or where they want to go, and people comments those "tags" saying "worth it" or "not worth it". Simple isnt it ? That's the point, actually. So, lets look at the stats ; "362,660 people in 6,559 cities are doing 456,069 things…". over 500,000 entry, which can be used as an advertising tool.

So, let's check one of those ; "Visit Egypt" ( 264 people tagged this entry ). Visit Egypt page has google adwords for start, and user comments telling that you should go and check out the mysterious egypt! Personally , I am ready to be persuaded by a person who is already been at Egypt and who can point me some directions ( you should see that place , you can stay at … hotel , etc. ) how I can spend a good holiday there. "Users promoting places for users" which is not a original idea, but execution is very good at 43things, because the content is vary. You can learn that if its "easy to learn spanish", or "should you go to Bali or Phuket? " and many more. Because the content is segmented, the ads are "targeted". So if you are travel agency, you can put your ads on 43things, knowing that you will have direct connection with your future clients.

What if you use the same idea with a little twist ? Lets think about website where there are lots of items ( items can be objects or for example a travel to spain ) and the more they're requested by the users the cheaper they get. So, if you have a 100 ready customer who wants travel to Spain for a weekend, you can arrange a tour with speacial prices. Or 300 people wants to buy iPod Nano 2GB, so they get %10 sale!

Lets think about it, I am curious about your ideas too…

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