A new project started : MarcomTurkiye

Posted on: October 2, 2006

marcomtürkiye, which takes its name from the term marketing communications,
is a collaborative blog which is dedicated to reveal fresh marketing
communication ideas and experiences from Türkiye.

We, as art directors, copy writers, strategic planners, marketing
professionals and creative thinkers, are devoted our lives to spot, observe,
analyze, think and create.

Our aim is: to share our observations in each of the major marketing
communication disciplines such as advertising, public relations, mobile
marketing, online marketing, viral marketing, guerilla marketing and so, and
to offer an interactive platform for Turkish creatives, regardless of their
age, location and profession and present their published creative works to
the outside boundaries of Türkiye.

We wish you will enjoy hearing from Türkiye and share your ideas with us.

Link : Marcomturkiye


4 Responses to "A new project started : MarcomTurkiye"

Thanks for the info here, I’m a marketer myself, so I always love learning more :)

Keep it up Ozgur!

Hi, We are working on launching a new cigarette brand in Turkey’s dark market. It is a premium, global brand with over 100 year’s heritage. It will be aimed at the upper-end of the market. Are there any insights you could share with us about this market? Where do they smoke? What does a typical day in the life of such a person look like? Do they smoke only at social occasions, or also when they have their first cup of coffee in the morning – maybe at a street cafe? Also, are they open to new brands? Will they be curious to try a new brand with heritage and a premium look & feel? What social activities do these people partake in? What do they do in their spare time? Any feedback in this regard would be highly appreciated.

Dear MarcomTurkiye,

It’s a great pleasure to have seen your site.

We are based in Melbourne, Australia and are working with countries such as China – and would indeed focus on working with Turkish as well.

Like every country, there are Marketing Laws which also need to be abide by. As a consulting firm within Turkey, it would be great to see your stories and case studies, if not an email from you regqarding these.

Your project sounds interesting, and I would look forward to seeing more from a Turkey, possibly creating an alliance some day.

You can see our website which has a prime focus of dealing with marketing services in Australia or China – as a gateway for placing products or services on an international platform.


Ali Gungor
The Marketing Manager

Marcomturkiye web sitesi şuan saçmasapan bir p*rno sitesine ait gözüküyor. Lütfen bu bloğunuzu silermisiniz, Google’da şans eseri rastladım ve çıkan sonuç karşısında şok oldum.

Türkiye için çok kötü bir profil yaratıyor !

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