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This week i hosted carnival of marketing as you see, carnival post below. Carnivals are great tool to combine best post, to be part of global community, to increase traffic…

In today's fast changing world, ever tool we use needs to be renovating. Since, carnival idea appeared, many things on the web have changed. For example, social web (digg, delicious…) is the new source of buzz. Appearing on social web for blogs is important as appearing in other blogs.


I am trying to clear carnival 2.0 idea. One of my idea is to combine carnival with social web. Here how it works. Carnival hoster submits post with common tags to social websites. Carnival participants and readers vote, bookmark posts on social websites. So, it increases presence on social web site, encourage readers participation and drive more traffic.This week, i tried this idea on I submit stories and tag them as carnival. Here how it seems

Any more ideas on carnival 2.0?


This week i am hosting Carnival of marketing. It was very nice experience for me to discover great blogs and meet different views to marketing. This week, carnival hosts 13 great article. I hope you all enjoy carnival.

Marketing 2.0

James Brausch explains fundamentals of successful online business, emphasize user generated content and propose three methods that soar traffic.

Harish Keshwani gives great insights on how direct marketers are using blogs to promote their products

John Moore shares Fiskateers Brand Ambassador program as a customer evangelism case study-in-the-making

Rohit Bhargava, attends vloggercon this week. In this post he shares lessons from Vloggercon 2006

Rohit Bhargava see such a huge opportunity to product placement in clickable videos.

Marketing Strategy

Pamela Slim has a great post about choosing brand names. In this post she mention about process of naming and recommendation for choosing a name.

Noah Kagan has an unusual marketing tip “If you ever want to get easy exposure for your product, service or website. Start a rivalry.”

Nedra Weinreich has a great post with examples tells importance of story telling for marketing and for raising awareness and for making a connection

MLMForums has a great story on how to earn money from FIFA World Cup. I'll try it :)


Spike Jones express differences between campaigns and movements very wisely. I impressed it, must read post

Jim Logan suggest marketers to start at the end and work themselves back to the beginning

Cehvediel discuss about differences between marketing to men and marketing to women

Friends are key to successful life. Mike Sigers offers one week plan to attract more friends. Worth trying :)


One more great podcast from Eric Mattson with Craig Goodwill of Culture Creatives and Company


Coolz0r, mention about Bacardi’s guerilla ad, promoting limbo night at a bus stop.

Special thanks to all participant blog. Next week it will be at The Fast Growth Blog

I am so excited on games on brands itself. Yahoo Buzz game is one of the best examples of these kind of games. It is a fantasy prediction market for high-tech products, concepts, and trends. How successfull you predict the technologies people will be searching the web for in the future, you earn fantasy money. Stock prices depend on yahoo search result. Game gives geeks to show their ability to predict future trends. Very enjoyable for geeks:)

Google trends (Google’s new tool) shows you the popularity of searches on google. You can track, compare and sort search volume of keywords by time. I see lots of opportunities based of Google trends. Letting user to create their own fantasy market.

google trends

YahooBuzzgame is for geeks and for technology enthisuastics. What about celebritylovers, musicfans, autofans. Google Trends and its API partner can create new kind of games based on Google search results.

For example, populer autoblogs (, …) can launch a new fantasy games based on predicting populer car models. A celebrity blog ( can launch a new celebrity stock exchange or a travel site or architectural site (, can launh fantasy real-estate trading game. Opportunities are endless…

The best part of fantasy games based on Google trends are creating win-win situation. It strengthen Google’s dominant position on search market. For game creator sites, it creates new tool to engage visitors, to encourage participation and more traffic. And finally for people who participate fantasy market has an oppurtunity to show their expertise to everybody. Socialize with people like themselves.

SCANBUY Shopper  enables cell phone users to have the best bargain. SCANBUY Shopper allows you to check the best prices provided by major online retailers. All you need is a mobile phone with data-plan enabled! Just Check products by entering their barcode number. Compare online prices, access reviews, and redeem coupons.


Being smart shopper is spreading to real world with our phones. I am so excited about this technology. There are endless opportunities. For scanbuy eyes, they may offer to compare local prices. And they may recommend us, product we'd like to buy as Amazon do. For entrepreneur eyes, Scanbuy serves only the USA. What about to serve the same service to another countries. 

I think, this application has also huge opportunities for cell phone makers. I think manufacturer should standardize this kind of application on their phones as they standardize time, alarm etc…

And finally, this application is a big thread for brands. Because transparency melts profits. It encourage people to be more smart buyer. Brands should reorganize to claim price premiums. Brands should add themselves another aspects of experience and authenticity.

 Cannes Advertising Archive hold best examples of advertising industry. But that is so expensive.  I found a small tip to reach this extensive archieve. 

The way is so easy;

A standart address of ads are 

Just increase the number end of the address one by one.Like;

Then, if you change 2005 to 2004 you can reach 2004's archieve too.

A Singapoure Bank (United Overseas Bank) offer their customers world’s smallest Visa card. The UOB Visa Mini is 43% smaller than a regular sized credit card. It is the smallest and slickest Visa card in the world. It is a companion card to a regular sized UOB Credit Card.It has some usage limitations. The UOB Visa Mini cannot be used at ATMs and other machines where the card has to be inserted. At that situation you should use regular sized UOB credit card.


The coolest side of the mini card is, you can choose some accessories for your mini card. Forget the wallet, forget the pouch. Look at this mini card accessiories. Phone strap, pounches, metal card cases… The first time ever, credit cards look like an accessiories.



Let’s remember Jan Chipchase’s research about mobile phones. His study shows that “In the cultures they studied 3 objects were considered essential across all participants, cultures and genders were keys, money and mobile phone.” UOB Mini accessiories combine these three things with accessiories. So, uob mini card concept may have a bright future.

Istanbul streets hosted a street design exhibition for a week. Turkish most talented and young designers work decorated streets. Their designs have met thousands of people.


For visual delight please visit the followings

Here are my pictures set on flickr

Here is's exhibition page

In my opinion, democratizatision of art and meeting people art with unconventional ways have big opportunities.

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