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I like mini style of advertising. They meet people unexpected places and unexpected times. Sometimes minis are on the roof and sometimes on teleferic. And they are always surprising. Here i'll share some examples of mini's ads.

Mini promo in Yaletown (flickr)

Minis are at the Molina ski resort (via marketing-alternative)

MINI Colgado 13.jpg

Guerilla parking in UK


Works by Taxi Canada (via trendspotters pool on Flickr)
03bmw_mini50319a0853 mini1 mini2 mini3 mini4 minmi5

A campaign signed Crispin To carry to the really sympathetic USA using the objects of urban furniture (via marketing-alternative)


"Vending Machine" for Mini by Crispin Porter + Bogusky (via ad-rag)


Vending machine in LA via Flickr


Mini in a box (via marketing alternative)


Here's an image of it from the US Gran Prix at Indy in Oct 2001 (via mini2forum)


another one (via mini2 forum) ddecker

Mini Cooper Convertible billboard in manhattan (via flickr)

Before i attend a fair, i realize that i have no business card. Urgent problem, no solution. Finally, i print google's screenshot and write search coloum my name "özgür alaz"  then print it. That was amazing, i have take many positive feedback.

Google Business cards

I found an excellent video records of AAAA Management Conference for agency CEO's. Watch out, you'll found great inspiration of future of marketing. Watch here


Selling digital music is hard because of popularity of Peer2peer distribution, and differentiation selling digital music has the same difficulties. At the end product is the same. There is no sound quality differences from alternatives.


I find alternative business model from instant live. They records concerts, duplicates the masters at high speed, and distributes finished CDs in as little as six minutes after a show. Selling standart song on digital platform is very difficult. But selling authentic and limited edition records always takes eyes.

GM's "autotainment" driving attraction center called "the Drive" opened in Las Vegas. The drive features two professionally-designed driving courses. A single driver ticket will cost $10, and entitles to experience both off-road and performance cars.


"The Drive provides a unique platform for General Motors to showcase its vehicles in an unprecedented way. With two fun- filled courses, consumers will be able to enjoy one-of-a-kind driving experiences in a variety of our products without any pressure to buy." says GM


I think it's good example of brandedspace and tryvertising trend. They build entertainment on driving passion. Are there any other possibilities on your brand experience + entertainment?  small tip from LG: LG washbar

Logitech QuickCam® Orbit MP is absolutely inspiring for tomorrow’s marketers. It is not just webcam, it is more likely an enterteinment device. It provide endless possibilities to express personality with 3D avatars. It is cool, it is viral and it is a new stage of communication. Watch out the video.

Using 3D avatars as a advertising medium seems interesting. I imagine 3D animated branded face accessories, like Oaklay glasses or Nike hat. Brand placement in web-cam seems to be too early, but it’d absolutely create high buzz.


Finally, there is a big questions for marketers. How do people who accustomed to live and connect with avatars’s behaviour (expectation) change towards other offline product?

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