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Indian cycles are on French streets, but with modern design and electric motor. Two young French created this conncept and named it Cyclopolitan. It is a taxi-tricycle (electric) with transparent roof which rolls on cycle tracks and in the malls. And, it is very ecological and not very expensive, 1 euro by anybody and kilometer. High gas prices and raised green-concicious in society makes Cyclopolitans more attractive for people. (via w3sh)



Moreover, it’s attractive design gives advertisers an opportunity to place their brands. They say that more than 50.000 people daily see each Cyclos in circulation. I am sure their advertising revenue may be much more than transportation revenue.


Click for bigger version

Click for bigger version
We were talking about the Future of Entertainment with Ozgur and then we started a mindmap. After sending each other a few times, I decided to draw it in Mindjet’s Mindmanager tool. Here is the result, there are questions, metaphors, and subjects to be discussed. How will Digital Media effect the future of Entertainment? To what extent games will be part of our daily life? What will become of Tv? And so many other questions to be answered together…

This is 11 forces that will change the Future of Entertainment ;

> “Virtual Self”

> “Centralisation”

> “Need to be different”

> “Mixing”

> “Co-Create!”

> “Snack Size”

> “Networking”

> “Interactivity”

> “On demand”

> “Long Tail”

> “Peer 2 Peer”

> “Information Overload”

I’m putting the mindmap file also, so you can edit and then post it. I will update the screenshot.

Lets talk about it and tell me your 11 forces !

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I am a keen user of delicious. Everyday, i discover lots of same-mind people and lots of inspiring links there. I can not discover same things at anywhere else. Delicious has a network function, too. By adding people you like to your network, find out their newest bookmark constantly. For example, my bookmarks are usually on marketing topics. Add me to your delicious network to subscribe my bookmarks.

The only disadvantage of delicious network is its one side structure. There is no way to connect people you like on delicious. But, there is lot of people i want to thank or i want to just say hi. I found a small delicious hack to send messages people you want to connect. My first delicious message is to my biggest inspiration, Steve Rubel. Let’s start How-Tos.

1. Find Delicious ID of people you want to send message via delicious. And add them to your network

steve rubel

2. Write your message at, them create your messages URL


3. Finally, bookmark this page on delicious and add tag of “for:DeliciousID”. On this example my tag is for:steverubel


Are not there any alternative way to send messages to Steve. If we know his mail address, of course there are. But, even we know his mail address, message is medium’s itself, is not it? I am sure a new and innovative messaging medium is much more effective then usual ways.

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Table topics (via thecoolhunter) is a kind of like a board game – the box features a series of cards with thought provoking questions about everything from money to marriage that are meant to spark a conversation. It seem a big rescuer when there is nothing to talk. And i believe it can be used to improve customer experience where conversation is big part of experience.


Think about cafes, coffee or travel business for example. How do you assess the coffee you drink in a cafe? Researchs show that the coffee you drink with friends you love tastes better than the coffee you drink with people you don’t meet. But, the coffee is the same. But conversation made your experience better. Table topics or other forms of it would great benefit on consumer experiences.

By the way, dont forget the online experiences. How can we spark conversation on online world? For example, Every Monday, Consumating (online network) is asking a sparking question.

Artvertising in sandberg institute

Upon the success of milliondolarhomepage, we’ve seen millions of copies online. Now, what we have got here is something different. Sandberg institute is selling their building facade with the same pixel based concept! They said this is a new concept that sets itself on the borders between commercial art and critical art, private business and public space. A different approach for sure!

This is a very good example which I told at my workshops; Internet 1.0 was empowered by media and advertising community, now with internet 2.0 – where users are king and the user generated content is the new black ! – Internet is paying his debt back, empowering every aspects of media. Digital concepts are becoming more and more part of our daily lives.

If you have more of those kind of examples, please share with us!


Jellyfish is a new kind of shopping search engine. Consumers use Jellyfish like they would any comparison shopping engine to easily search, compare, and select the right product from a trusted online store. But Jellyfish’s difference from other shopping search engines is that consumers earn automatic cash-back savings on their purchases because Jellyfish shares back at least half of the advertising revenue generated from each sale.

And the Jellyfish marketplace maximizes those savings, because retailers compete to get to the top of the search rankings by increasing the amount of cash back provided to end consumers. This creates a competitive buying environment where consumers search and merchants bid with their ad dollars to lower end prices.

Great things are happening there, some screenshots are below. I’d recommend you to sign up to Jellyfish to experience  consumer empowerment, transparancy of markets, and shopping 2.0 at first hand.




Last year, we have met many outdoor with live shows. Some examples are Mexican Tourism trucks and Calvin Clain’s live billboards


In a saturated world these live shows got people attention and create some buzz. Nowadays, an entrepreneur in New York found a new advertising company named Adverlive which offers live commercials in a truck. Their transparent truck that combines the features of 3-D advertising with mobility is roaming around the streets of Manhattan to get people’s attention to its clients.

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