Cyclopolitan: Ecological Taxi in France

Posted on: July 27, 2006

Indian cycles are on French streets, but with modern design and electric motor. Two young French created this conncept and named it Cyclopolitan. It is a taxi-tricycle (electric) with transparent roof which rolls on cycle tracks and in the malls. And, it is very ecological and not very expensive, 1 euro by anybody and kilometer. High gas prices and raised green-concicious in society makes Cyclopolitans more attractive for people. (via w3sh)



Moreover, it’s attractive design gives advertisers an opportunity to place their brands. They say that more than 50.000 people daily see each Cyclos in circulation. I am sure their advertising revenue may be much more than transportation revenue.


5 Responses to "Cyclopolitan: Ecological Taxi in France"

Seems a good idea, but from experience in Amsterdam I can tell that they’re not so hi-tech and damn slow. That might be a treat to travellers inside, since they get the scenic tour, but these things block the cyclepaths and are almost impossible to overtake. Maybe that’s only a Amsterdam-hasty-bikers problem, but in my opinion I would rather see tourist just hop on the carrier seat of a normal bike and experience biking the native way…

I like the idea. Westerners love eastern ideas for transportation, while in Asia they seem to like the idea of clogging up their cities with smog …

I onderstood that you also have a tour through the old city of nice.I am interested to book a trip for 7 persones on wednesdaythe18th of march in the afternoon. Perhaps you could send me some more details of prices, location,possibilitys and the lenght of the tour.

Dear Sirs:
We are a company dealing in CityTours in Barcelona, and we are looking for new experiences to offer to our clients.We are thinking in get Bicitaxis, as you have, so we kindly ask you, to send us detailed information about your products, as well as prices, if possible Cif Barcelona.
We are sure of your soon reply,
Best Regards
Pep Moix – General manager

Dear Sirs:
We are interested in getting information about your ‘ecological taxis’, as we are a CityTours company in Barcelona, and we are studing the possibility to get some units,to offer news services to our clients.
Are you the manufacturers???
Could you be so kind to send us detailed information,as well as prices,if possible, CIF Barcelona???
Awaiting your soon reply,
Best regards
Pep Moix

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