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While i stumbled upon Flickr, i saw this picture. It is taken by a Flickr user at the high school jazz event sponsored by Starbucks. And he shows a screenshot that his picture appeared in the Seattle Times.


It’s not new. But i believe it’s interesting. Mass media is highly using CGM in their pages.
I identify more and more blog news in the magazines, more Flickr photos in the newspapers and more Youtube videos in web portals. Is CGM feeding mass media?


First resume in google earth.jpg

To View Full Resume in Google Earth Please download Resume here

Or View in Google Map (More easier)

Inspired from MemoryMaps, i prepared a resume using Google Earth for me. How did i prepare? Firstly, i grouped my googleEarth Cv into six sections. They are; personal, education, work experiences, trend reporting, awards and interests. Secondly, i assign different colours of placemark to each group. Then, i placemarked and add some description to related locations. Final step is exporting my placemarks. That’s all.

I am sure that using innovative medium like Google Earth for resume would be impressive for potential employers. And a final note, i am happy to be self employed and not looking for a job. :)

If you liked the concept please digg it

UPDATE: More Screenshots



UPDATE2: Thanks Gizmodo for this great news.

UPDATE3: Philipp Lenssen kindly uploaded it in google map format. Thank you very much

UPDATE4: Here is my comment on James Fee blog

Good points James
I totally agree that using .klm format does not mean additional value.

And i believe that it is all about differentiating and telling stories with innovative mediums. I mean content of resume is not message. Message is “i believe power of technology” and “i’d like to differentiate myself from .pdf masses”

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