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I am a keen user of delicious. Everyday, i discover lots of same-mind people and lots of inspiring links there. I can not discover same things at anywhere else. Delicious has a network function, too. By adding people you like to your network, find out their newest bookmark constantly. For example, my bookmarks are usually on marketing topics. Add me to your delicious network to subscribe my bookmarks.

The only disadvantage of delicious network is its one side structure. There is no way to connect people you like on delicious. But, there is lot of people i want to thank or i want to just say hi. I found a small delicious hack to send messages people you want to connect. My first delicious message is to my biggest inspiration, Steve Rubel. Let’s start How-Tos.

1. Find Delicious ID of people you want to send message via delicious. And add them to your network

steve rubel

2. Write your message at, them create your messages URL


3. Finally, bookmark this page on delicious and add tag of “for:DeliciousID”. On this example my tag is for:steverubel


Are not there any alternative way to send messages to Steve. If we know his mail address, of course there are. But, even we know his mail address, message is medium’s itself, is not it? I am sure a new and innovative messaging medium is much more effective then usual ways.

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I start a new T-shirts blog named Threadlesswatch. It’s about Threadless and its great designs. Nowadays, it is shaping more likely to be a marketing blog feeding from Threadless. Because, i find many inspiration there. Here are some marketing related posts from threadlesswatch

Threadless will be new ipod: Threadless’ only customer will not only be individual customers. Brands also will be important customers of Threadless. I think they will discover Threadless and its impact on youth culture and will try to benefit it at their marketing campaigns.

Song of the tshirt: Bob Nanna is writing short short songs for the new t-shirts on Threadless. And they call it a “song about this tee by Bob Danna”. People can listen the short song or download it, while they are surfing. Songs are great tool to connect emotionally.

Unboxing Threadless: At unboxing experience, Threadless provide people with gift cards, thank you notes and stickers. I am sure this tools trigger people to spread Threadless. My advice to other (boring) brands that give some shareable things in your package.

What do you think about Threadless?

A Singapoure Bank (United Overseas Bank) offer their customers world’s smallest Visa card. The UOB Visa Mini is 43% smaller than a regular sized credit card. It is the smallest and slickest Visa card in the world. It is a companion card to a regular sized UOB Credit Card.It has some usage limitations. The UOB Visa Mini cannot be used at ATMs and other machines where the card has to be inserted. At that situation you should use regular sized UOB credit card.


The coolest side of the mini card is, you can choose some accessories for your mini card. Forget the wallet, forget the pouch. Look at this mini card accessiories. Phone strap, pounches, metal card cases… The first time ever, credit cards look like an accessiories.



Let’s remember Jan Chipchase’s research about mobile phones. His study shows that “In the cultures they studied 3 objects were considered essential across all participants, cultures and genders were keys, money and mobile phone.” UOB Mini accessiories combine these three things with accessiories. So, uob mini card concept may have a bright future.

Istanbul streets hosted a street design exhibition for a week. Turkish most talented and young designers work decorated streets. Their designs have met thousands of people.


For visual delight please visit the followings

Here are my pictures set on flickr

Here is's exhibition page

In my opinion, democratizatision of art and meeting people art with unconventional ways have big opportunities.

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