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I am a keen user of delicious. Everyday, i discover lots of same-mind people and lots of inspiring links there. I can not discover same things at anywhere else. Delicious has a network function, too. By adding people you like to your network, find out their newest bookmark constantly. For example, my bookmarks are usually on marketing topics. Add me to your delicious network to subscribe my bookmarks.

The only disadvantage of delicious network is its one side structure. There is no way to connect people you like on delicious. But, there is lot of people i want to thank or i want to just say hi. I found a small delicious hack to send messages people you want to connect. My first delicious message is to my biggest inspiration, Steve Rubel. Let’s start How-Tos.

1. Find Delicious ID of people you want to send message via delicious. And add them to your network

steve rubel

2. Write your message at, them create your messages URL


3. Finally, bookmark this page on delicious and add tag of “for:DeliciousID”. On this example my tag is for:steverubel


Are not there any alternative way to send messages to Steve. If we know his mail address, of course there are. But, even we know his mail address, message is medium’s itself, is not it? I am sure a new and innovative messaging medium is much more effective then usual ways.

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Vodafone 3G services offer new level of mobile working experience.  To promote their 3G services Vodafone have used these interesting desk cars. This car traveled around London traffic to show Londoners 3G experience in a very surprising way. (spotted by Flickr user Mardagg)




Ikea New York hosts a fabolous exhibition named “Everyday Fabulous Exhibit” They invite people to come and see how good design can transform the most ordinary day into something spectacular. More interestingly, their design team transformed NYC locations with ikea. Great guerilla and great experience for people. (other pictures)




ikea's advertising strategy is outstanding. I gather best of ikea ads from several resourses to inspire brandplanner or just enjoy it. As you see below, they are surprizing, colorful and overall very cool. If you enjoy them, please digg the story.

A billboard of Absolut in Soho, but be careful all furnitures are from ikea. Nice collaboration of brands. (via flickr)

ikea room in a cube. Seen in copenhag. (via flickr)


ikea on wheels: A mobile showroom with transparent windows stroll across the usa (via flickr)
Ikea on Wheels

ikea celebrates their 40's birthday with cover their Stockholm store as cake.


28030   IKEA_40years_anniversary

Lovely guerilla campaign by ikea; "A little fabric makes big differences". They curtain windows with ikea products in sweden. Agency is: FORSMAN & BODENFORS



Another example of concept. "little fabric makes big differences". They cover everyday items such as bench, bycke seat with ikea fabric. And post a note says that "little fabric makes big differences (via trendspotters group)

08028c   IKEA_Fabrics_Bench

08028b   IKEA_Fabrics_Wastebasket

08028a   IKEA_Fabrics_Bycicle

ikea pimps your bus stop Ikea’ve dressed up bus shelters with some nice modern furniture. (via coolzor, adfreak and curbed)




In anticipation of the grand opening of the Ikea Funabashi Store (Japan), Ikea placed 14 of these outdoor showroom displays along the sides of a street in Aoyama. They are calling the showcase Ikea 4.5 Musuem, which refers to the size of 4 and a half tatami mats. (via advertisingforpeanut and billboardom)

I like mini style of advertising. They meet people unexpected places and unexpected times. Sometimes minis are on the roof and sometimes on teleferic. And they are always surprising. Here i'll share some examples of mini's ads.

Mini promo in Yaletown (flickr)

Minis are at the Molina ski resort (via marketing-alternative)

MINI Colgado 13.jpg

Guerilla parking in UK


Works by Taxi Canada (via trendspotters pool on Flickr)
03bmw_mini50319a0853 mini1 mini2 mini3 mini4 minmi5

A campaign signed Crispin To carry to the really sympathetic USA using the objects of urban furniture (via marketing-alternative)


"Vending Machine" for Mini by Crispin Porter + Bogusky (via ad-rag)


Vending machine in LA via Flickr


Mini in a box (via marketing alternative)


Here's an image of it from the US Gran Prix at Indy in Oct 2001 (via mini2forum)


another one (via mini2 forum) ddecker

Mini Cooper Convertible billboard in manhattan (via flickr)

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