Outstanding Ads of ikea

Posted on: May 21, 2006

ikea's advertising strategy is outstanding. I gather best of ikea ads from several resourses to inspire brandplanner or just enjoy it. As you see below, they are surprizing, colorful and overall very cool. If you enjoy them, please digg the story.

A billboard of Absolut in Soho, but be careful all furnitures are from ikea. Nice collaboration of brands. (via flickr)

ikea room in a cube. Seen in copenhag. (via flickr)


ikea on wheels: A mobile showroom with transparent windows stroll across the usa (via flickr)
Ikea on Wheels

ikea celebrates their 40's birthday with cover their Stockholm store as cake.


28030   IKEA_40years_anniversary

Lovely guerilla campaign by ikea; "A little fabric makes big differences". They curtain windows with ikea products in sweden. Agency is: FORSMAN & BODENFORS



Another example of concept. "little fabric makes big differences". They cover everyday items such as bench, bycke seat with ikea fabric. And post a note says that "little fabric makes big differences (via trendspotters group)

08028c   IKEA_Fabrics_Bench

08028b   IKEA_Fabrics_Wastebasket

08028a   IKEA_Fabrics_Bycicle

ikea pimps your bus stop Ikea’ve dressed up bus shelters with some nice modern furniture. (via coolzor, adfreak and curbed)




In anticipation of the grand opening of the Ikea Funabashi Store (Japan), Ikea placed 14 of these outdoor showroom displays along the sides of a street in Aoyama. They are calling the showcase Ikea 4.5 Musuem, which refers to the size of 4 and a half tatami mats. (via advertisingforpeanut and billboardom)


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A very impressive collection of photos. Speaking of IKEA’s commericals, I recall that I particularly liked the advertising which was going on some summer (was it 2005 really?)on the German TV. Have you ever seen it or heard of it? It included short funny episodes about stereotypical Swedish life (such as Midsummer eve celebration with lots of home-made alcohol for example), which were not overly appealing, and concluded by saying that luckily, they only bring the best of Sweden – the IKEA! There is always a risk of hurting someone’s feelings by such commercials, but I think it was accepted with due humour, and personally, I enjoyed it a lot.

[…] Ikea New York “Everything Fabulous” adında bir sergiye evsahipligi yapıyor. Burada insanları ikea ürünlerinin günün sıradan yaşamını nasıl enfes hale getirebileceğini görmeye davet ediyor. Bir pazarlamacı olarak ilgimi asıl çeken nokta sergiyi tanıtmak için kullandıkları sıradışı yöntem. Ikea, bir tasarım ekibini New York sokaklarını ikea ürünleri ile dönüştürmeleri isteniyor. Sonuçta, aşağıdaki gibi harika gerilla uygulamalar çıkmış. Insanlar için harika deneyim, marka için net mesajlar. Ikea, en başarılı pazarlamacılardan biri. Ikea’nın yaptığı diğer başarılı outdoor uygulamalarına buradan bakabilirsiniz. Other outstanding ikea outdoor ads over the years can seen here […]

Parabuses de Ikea

Ikea, cadena internacional de mueblerías y decoración de interiores, lleva tiempo presentando campañas Below the Line y de Guerrilla. En este caso, “han llevado parte de su catálogo” a los parabuses de la ciudad de Nueva York.

Más ejecucione…

Outstanding Outdoor Ads of ikea

ikea’s advertising strategy is outstanding. I gather best of ikea ads from several resourses to inspire brandplanner or just enjoy it. As you see below, they are surprizing, colorful and overall very cool.

[…] Outstanding Ads of ikea Main Entry: outstanding Part of Speech: adjective 1 Definition: superior Synonyms: A-1*, A-number 1, ace*, bad*, boss*, capital*, celebrated, chief, cool*, crack*, distinguished, dominant, eminent, eventful, excellent, exceptional, famous, far out, first chop, great, greatest, hundred proof, important, impressive, magnificent, main, major, meritorious, momentous, mostest, murder, number one*, numero uno, phenomenal, pre-eminent, predominant, primo*, principal, special, standout, star, stellar, super, superior, superlative, ten, tops*, well-known, world class […]

[…] via Marketallica Agency: Forsman & Bodenfors, Sweden […]

Great site….Ever come across a commercial for Ikea Fabrics? It featured a covered wagon being shot at by ‘indians’….various ‘ugly surrender flags’ would be waved, and a mass of arrows would be shot at the ugly fabrics…When nice IKEA fabrics were flown, the arrows stopped….I was one of a handful of archers hired to strategically shoot the covered wagon. I never saw the finished product (not sure if the commercial ever aired). It would have been filmed near Toronto in the late 1980s/early 1990s. Any insight would be very welcome.

Great collection. A bubby of mine is responsible for the furnished bus stops. That was actually done in NYC. He tells me there’s many more cool Ikea stuff on the way.

Interesting. I’ll have to throw down a bookmark and check back.


[…] highly effective guerilla tactics to create the Ikea experience in least expected ways. Be it in the Ikea hometown of Stockholm or New York, this brand seems to enjoy what they can show-not-tell their […]

[…] 28 04 2007 Ikéa n’en finit plus de nous surprendre. Pour faire suite à la campagne de l’année dernière  A little fabric makes a big difference, ils nous remettent ça dans les rues de Suède en […]

[…] Więcej zdjęć z akcji promocyjnych firmy IKEA do obejrzenia na blogu Marketellica – fotki warte […]

You got to admit they are pretty innovative both in manufacturing and advertising.
For example:

[…] Więcej zdjęć z akcji promocyjnych firmy IKEA do obejrzenia na blogu Marketellica – fotki warte […]

Very cool. Ikea are so innovative with their advertising and marketing.

Wow! Thanks for collecting all these here. I enjoyed this post.

Wow. Those are great thoughts in action. Really innovative ideas.

[…] the full story from the Marketallica blog Marketallica is about marketing trends, and marketing innovation. Subscribe to comments Comment […]

Cool site, love the info.

[…] If you want to see more examples of IKEA check out these pictures Share and Enjoy: […]

[…] Marketallica did a post on Ikea that featured a great Billboard that they partnered with Absolut Vodka to create. I think this advertisement is fantastic because its eye catching, out of the ordinary, and it plays on an advertising campaign that already won over public opinion. With all of the advertising messages that are processed by consumers on a daily basis, this one manages to standout of the crowd. […]

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