Your new marketing agency at Secondlife: Crayon

Posted on: November 4, 2006

Crayon is a new startup from bunch of great guys including ; Jeff Jaffe , former Citigroup financial guy Gary Cohen as CEO, podcasting evangelist C. C. Chapman, social media expert Neville Hobson,  author & communication expert Shel Holtz, entertainment industry veterian Chris Trela, planning consultant Francis Anderson and Aaron Greenberber and Michael Denton.

So what makes them different? According to Jaffe, “The world has changed, but marketing, advertising, and public relations have not. There is no question that the influence organizations can achieve through traditional marketing, advertising and PR is fading fast.” ( quoted from Adrants) Ok, I am understanding the idea of “new marketing”, its a very good expression of where this crazy world is going, more and more we spent our times online ;  creating web 2.0 projects, establishing social networks, sharing information, data, visual through internet and even making money! So yes, the traditional marketing ideas should change, maybe the better word is “evolution”, isnt it?
So, how is Crayon fit in this picture ? They have offices throughout the world and … Second Life! They opened their office simultaneously with Second Life one, and they threw a party which you can see the pictures here    They are using Second Life as their base for meeting since they are at the different parts of the world. Skype installed, Second Life opened, they meet, talk, develop new projects online… I like the idea of expressing their “the changing world concept” with how they run the business.

Not everyone happy with it though, as always people are noting that “its not the first time we see somebody open an office at SL” . Yes, I agree, but with Crayon comes something different ; they integrated the idea of SecondLife with their business, they created buzz around this and with their background in the market, together as a strong team , I am expecting some SecondLife based projects from Crayon in the near future. Differentiation is a key nowadays and Crayon used new ideas very well with their start, keep up the good work guys!

Link : Crayon

11 Responses to "Your new marketing agency at Secondlife: Crayon"

I agree that marketing is evolving. It is great to see different ideas and thoughts coming into play.

Keep up the good work!

Time and tide wait for no man… Albert

oh wow! i’m going to see if they will donate thier services to me. thanks for posting this. we are making you one of the 88 websites too!


I visited the crayon office three times and there was always a nice receptionist talking to me… thats much better then BBH did with his office which is empty all the time I am stopping by. :-)

Cheers Sascha

i don’t do second life bu i used to listen to CC chapman, so i wish this enterprise of him well.

Do you know what type of marketing most effective in SL?
This is true “marketing” :)

Do you know what type of marketing is best in SL:
It’s really working “marketing” :)

That’s the best away message I’ve ever seen. Very not-boring. Rule #1 for me in marketing, Don’t Be Boring.

This company went bust, didn’t it?

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Yes, I do agree with this statement: marketing, advertising, and public relations have not.

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